How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

Your floor is one of the more sacred features of your home or business. It’s something most people don’t think about, but it’s the one thing that receives the most use on a daily basis — especially in high-traffic areas. This is true with any type of flooring, no matter the room it’s in.

With heavy use and high-traffic comes a lot of responsibility. For those that want their floors to look in tip-top shape at all times, it’s important you clean it frequently.

The problem most homeowners face is cleaning it the right way, which largely depends on the type of flooring. With many people searching for the best solution on how to clean vinyl plank flooring.

Although luxury vinyl plank flooring isn’t made out of real wood, it still requires frequent cleaning to ensure it lasts as long as possible. The more you care for it, the longer you and your family will get to enjoy it. Of course, you need to know how to clean it first. If you are in need of local flooring installation in Arlington, TX visit us today.

How Do You Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

For those wondering, how to clean vinyl plank flooring, The good news is cleaning luxury vinyl plank floors isn’t as difficult as some of the other flooring types available today. This is largely because most luxury vinyl planks are 100% waterproof and antimicrobial. Those that aren’t waterproof are at least water-resistant due to the various layers.

For the most part, luxury vinyl planks only require an occasional sweep of the broom or run of the vacuum. This is often done on a daily basis, that way dust and grime don’t build up on your floor’s surface.

While a broom or vacuum will do a lot to keep your luxury vinyl looking beautiful all day long, there are times that you’ll need more of a deep-clean. For this, you can grab your trusted microfiber mop with Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner.

Tips For Enhancing Your Daily Cleaning Routine

We already mentioned how important a daily cleaning is to your luxury vinyl plank floors. The main reason for this is the buildup of dust and debris. It might seem harmless to most people, but these tiny particles can act like sandpaper and eventually ruin your outerwear layer.

To ensure every homeowner and business owner follows the best practices when cleaning luxury vinyl floors, we’re going to detail some of our most prominent tips when getting the most out of your daily cleaning routine. Let’s take a look:

  • To avoid scratching your floor with the broom, find one that has soft bristles
  • Vacuums are easy and quick
  • Even if your luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, always pick up spills immediately.
  • Utilizing a doormat in front of your front, back, and the garage door goes a long way.
  • Utilize protective “feet” for your furniture to avoid scratching the vinyl surface.
  • Try to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and UV rays. When not home, draw the blinds!

These daily cleaning tips are designed to help you keep your luxury vinyl floor in good standing, no matter what type of traffic it sees. It’ll be difficult to keep it 100% flawless throughout its lifespan, but you can do whatever possible to reduce the rate of wear and tear through the years.

Tips For Deep Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Daily maintenance does so much for your flooring, but it’s not all that’s needed. Especially in high-traffic areas that get used often, luxury vinyl flooring needs a little more attention from time to time. That’s where deep cleaning comes in to play a major role in making it look exquisite.

Much like we did with our daily cleaning tips, let’s go over some of our most prominent deep cleaning tips that should be considered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis:

  • To create a simple cleaning solution, use Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner
  • After cleaning with the soap mixture, always mop the floor with a clean mop to remove any excess soap.
  • Don’t use a mop with a scrub brush option because it can damage the wear layer. Instead, use a microfiber mop.
  • Don’t use bleach, ammonia, or any high-pH detergents when cleaning a luxury vinyl plank floor.
  • Don’t use a lot of water. A damp mop is all you need when cleaning luxury vinyl.
  • When done with the damp mop, dry your floor with a towel or dry mop so water doesn’t sit too long.

While luxury vinyl floors boast low-maintenance features, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the maintenance entirely. In fact, you’ll still need to keep yourself honest with daily cleaning and deep cleaning when necessary. The good news is the tips above will help!

Interested In Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

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