The health of our Employees and Customers is our #1 priority. We work hard every day in taking extra precautions to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy while avoiding COVID-19.


Contact-Free Policy

Our Flooring Specialists and Professional Installers are properly trained in “Contact Free Practices”. Our priority is to deliver a stress-free In-Home Shopping experience while following guidelines from the CDC to help keep both you and our team safe and healthy. Please read below the precautions we have in place in order to maintain the health of our customers and 360 Professionals.

Contact Free Practices, CDC Guidelines, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Frequent Hand Washing

We always wash our hands for 20 seconds or/and sanitize after touching an object.

Protective Equipment

All of our Employees are equipped with personal protective equipment (i.e., mask and gloves) and sanitizers.

Routine Cleaning

All of our Employees practice routine cleaning of samples, tools, materials and belongings before and after every appointment.

Contact Free Practices, CDC Guidelines, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Keeping a Social Distance

We practice social distancing at every appointment and at all of our locations.

Contact Free Practices, CDC Guidelines, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Avoid Shaking Hands

To help avoid the spread of the virus we have changed our greetings to verbal greetings instead of shaking hands.

Contact Free Practices, CDC Guidelines, COVID-19, Coronavirus

6 Feet Rule

We try our best to keep a 6 ft. distance away from another person in our personal time and on the job. 

Key times to sanitize your hands to avoid cross contamination:

  • ONLY WEAR GLOVES when you are routine cleaning or disinfecting an area or object
  • After removing and disposing gloves, sanitize your hands immediately
  • Sanitize your hands before and after any meal
  • Before and after treating a possible wound or injury
  • Before and after using the restroom
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and sanitize immediately after
  • After handling any type of tool or object

To learn more please visit the CDC Official website